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Are you stuck in a creative rut or in need of some technical photography advice? Or do you need help with editing?
My online mentoring is ideal for website reviews, portfolio reviews and helping to explore and understanding your brand.
I will give you honest feedback and critique on your photography projects and you’ll receive a lot of helpful tips on how to find the right light under any circumstances.

But not only that!
There is so much more I want to share with you! My online mentoring is not only about photography. It’s about the photographer behind the camera!
The photograp(her) who’s struggling  to balance a business with family commitments. The photographer who has lost his or her passion and who got lost along the way.
This online mentoring is all about you! Your ups and your downs. You will learn how to set smart goals and  achieve your dreams! Finding your vision & YOUR authentic style!
Together we will go on an inspiring photography adventure. An adventure that will bring out the best in you! To become the best version of you!

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  • 135 euro (ex. VAT)
What you get:
  • An intense hour with as much as we can cover. This mentor session is all about you and your art!
    No sugar coating. Just straight and honest CC and advise!
What you need:
  • A PC, Laptop or Mac(book) with Skype installed and a solid WIFI connection.
Where do we meet:
  • After your reservation I’ll send you an email so we can set a date.
    My working hours are Monday-Thursday from 10 am ’till 3 pm (GMT +1).
    For international clients: I do have limited flexibility for online mentoring outside those hours due to different time zones. You can contact me directly by email if needed. 


Please click here to book your online mentor session 

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